Artech 2000 has formed alliance with Awareness technologies to offer monitoring software Interguard.

Interguard™ is a security software that secures and monitors internal business activity in four ways:

Data Protection

  • This application will help stop sensitive data from leaking via email, webmail or USB.
  • It will quickly identify and address data security vulnerabilities and gaps in the use of security policies and inappropriately stored data.
  • New - now you can also monitor text messages and emails sent from Smartphones.




Web Filtering

This the first web filtering application to provide full functionality no matter where your computer or laptop goes - both on and off network, with no hardware required.


Employee Monitoring

Record and/or block all computer activity. Identify top performers, correct under-performance, eliminate potential liability issues, and conduct forensic investigations. New - now you can also monitor text messages and emails sent from Smartphones (see MobileMonitor)


Laptop Cop

Laptop Cop protects your laptop and the information contained on it in the event of its theft or loss. If your laptop is ever stolen, Laptop Cop will give you remote access to the the stolen computer and monitor its activity.


For more information email us at itenquiries@artech-2000.com or Call 08001070120.

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