Our premirer email security solution is McAfee SaaS Email Protection™. This works by blocking threats before they entre your network.

The McAfee SaaS Email Protection service is a comprehensive, perimeter-based solution that blocks more than 99 percent of all email threats, including spam, viruses, worms, and harmful content and attachments

This is based on the IT princible - "the Best Defense Is a Good Offense"

The multilayered, cost-effective solution offers rapid activation and is easy to configure and manage, helping to reduce IT-related costs and corporate liability while increasing employee productivity.

Positioned between the Internet and the business network, the SaaS Email Protection service leverages the most effective technologies and techniques within more than 20 layers of filters to identify, quarantine, block, and strip email threats.

With nearly effortless configuration, your business can integrate the McAfee SaaS Email Protection service to begin reducing the risk, expenses, and wasted time associated with unwanted email.

For further information why not contact us for a free trial or email us at itenquiries@artech-2000.com or Call 8001070120.

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